Rungis Market: towards a B2B marketplace

rungis market

La Semmaris, the Rungis market management company, started in early 2017 a new project: launching the world's largest international marketplace of fresh products.

In a sector still largely dominated by physical transactions and little digitized, Semmaris can aspire to become the leader in B2B e-commerce of agricultural products.

Since April 2017, Uppler supports Semmaris in the design and implementation of this online marketplace. The challenges are numerous to achieve a successful digital transposition and to reach the same quality of service online as in the physical market of Rungis. Uppler and the Semmaris work directly with wholesalers to design and develop the specific features required to each of the sectors represented at Rungis.

A description of the project is available at While the design and implementation phases will be completed in early 2018, the start for buyers is scheduled for May 2018. Wholesalers will be available to register, set up their e-shop and import their products in January 2018

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