Features of a marketplace builder

marketplace builder

The marketplace website builder you choose for building your marketplace is important because it has to fit your needs and make the set-up simple. We will explain to you below the basic required features for every marketplace builder.

Interfaces of the marketplace software

2 types of Saas marketplace software are available on the market : 

  • • 2 interfaces pair with an independant front-office. It is the most common solution you will find. It is is about connecting the marketplace operating system (back-office for operators and sellers) to an external front-office (buyers’side). This interface could be an existing one or created from scratch. The design and development of this page will require more time for implementing and will have an additional cost.
  • • All-in-one solution. The 3 interfaces are integrated in the solution and you do not need to expect any additional time or cost. With the all-in-one solution Uppler, we propose to adapt the design of the front -office according to your needs. All of our clients have different marketplace designs.

Product information Management (PIM)

The idea when launching a marketplace platform is to choose the marketplace builder that will be the easiest to set-up.

The PIM is a technology that will help you to organize and manage your catalog on the marketplace. You could decide to divide your products into categories and sub-categories and add them some dedicated properties for example. Each of these classifications will afterward be a solution for filtering your products on the marketplace or researching them

Data importer

Sometimes the marketplace builder offers you in addition to the PIM, an import system to facilitate and automate the creation of your products. Thanks to one import, all your products will be attributed to the right categories with the right properties. No additional action is required.

Payment system set-up

Every marketplace builder needs to be equipped with a payment system and offer you a way to set it up. Payment solution can vary from one platform to another because of the solutions that the payment providers offer.

The marketplace website builder should also let you configure every item in relation to payment like taxes, currencies, units, promotions and so on.

Manage and track

In addition, your marketplace website builder should be able to show you data and traffic on your marketplace. It will help you to manage, understand and moderate what happens in the use of your solution. If something is wrong, you could then adapt it easily.

You can also connect directly Google Analytics by asking your marketplace builder team, and then generate more data.

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