Why it is a good idea to create your online B2B marketplace?

good idea to create marketplace

Are you still hesitating to create B2B marketplace or B2B e-commerce website? However, every sign is showing that it is the right time to make it.

Global evolution of B2B marketplaces

B2B marketplaces and B2B e-commerce websites are developing quickly. Some report show that the global B2B online market will reach over $6,6 trillion by 2020 and will become more important than the B2C market.

More than the predicted statistics, we can see a lot of changes on B2B market in the few last years :

  • • Since 2015: The development of Amazon Business. This new Amazon solution allows businesses of any size to deal and purchase business supplies on Amazon.
  • • July 2019 : Alibaba opens business-to-business services to US companies. This extension of the platform will let US manufacturers, distributors and wholesaler sell their products and services to other American businesses.

Creation of a B2B marketplace : Factor of growth

By modernizing the purchasing or selling path by using or creating an online marketplace will become for you a new source of income and will improve your growth.

Indeed creating a marketplace will offer you more visibility and, so more accessibility. In the digital world and with the expansions of online platforms, users are used to use computers, tablets or smartphones. This new behavior due to technologies made us win a lot of time in our exchanges so, why do not use them for B2B transactions?

A good marketplace would be the one that will facilitate every user's actions and where each part gets advantages.

Moreover, it would be a possibility for you to get a new revenue: commissions on sales or subscriptions. And this does not include any constraints because you won’t have to deal with stocks or merchandise purchasing.

Develop you market internationaly

As internet is accessible for most parts of the world, you would have the opportunity to develop your marketplace platform internationally. Even if you don’t know how the rules for dealing in some countries, you will be helped with the knowledge of your own market (sellers and buyers).

It is an easy way to develop your platform internationally and get new clients. And all of this is possible thanks to B2B marketplaces software which includes multi-languages et multi-devises management.

Creating a marketplace is a real opportunity to develop your company in the near future. You could find some all-in-one solutions for setting up quickly your marketplace and customize it for you. If you are interested in such a project but you do not know how to do it, you could get some information here.

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