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B2B marketplace

5 questions to choose your marketplace solution

Lots of marketplace solutions emerged, and it is not always easy to make the right choice for its own marketplace. Here is a quick analyze of the market.

B2B marketplace

How to build a B2B marketplace with an all-in one solution ?

You would like to create a B2B marketplace but you are not sure about how to do and what are the requirements? So this article is for you.

B2B marketplace

Why choosing a Saas marketplace software?

Advantages of choosing a Saas solution for your B2B marketplace software vs an open-source

B2B marketplace

What is a marketplace ?

Let's discover what is a marketplace and why online marketplaces are such a trend.

B2B marketplace

What are the new UE rules for marketplaces?

Understand new regulations about European marketplaces and its protection for vendors and data

B2B marketplace

Tips to comercialize your marketplace internationnaly

Some tips to attract new clients and deal contracts for using your marketplace solution

B2B marketplace

How to attract sellers on your B2B marketplace

Attracting sellers may be the very first step of your marketplace project. Here are some tips to succeed in attracting the perfect vendors.

B2B marketplace

What business model should you choose for your B2B marketplace?

B2B marketplaces act as intermediaries between sellers and buyers. This delicate position of intermediary offers only a few possibilities in order to become a profitable business. Click here to discover the two main business models for B2B marketplaces.

B2B marketplace

Why applying the B2C model to B2B ecommerce is not such a good idea

B2C transactions require a quick and frictionless ordering funnel in order to optimize the conversion rate. On the contrary, B2B transactions are more complex and have some specificities that are not adaptable to B2C funnels.

B2B marketplace features

Our white paper on how to create a B2B marketplace

Download our white paper about B2B marketplace creation: challenges, strategy, technical requirements
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