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B2B marketplace

How to Optimize Marketplace Conversion Rates

Business-to-business (B2B) online sales require optimizing your marketplace with conversions

B2B marketplace

Start to create a marketplace with a MVP

Find some clues to this popular question that appears at the creation of your B2B marketplace or e-procurement platform

B2B marketplace

Why it is a good idea to create your online B2B marketplace ?

Discover why it is the right time to create b2b marketplace and which advantages you could benefit from.

B2B marketplace

Overview about B2B marketplace solutions and their related cost

Budget for creating B2B marketplace, B2B e-commerce and e-procurement platform

B2B marketplace

Valuable ideas for creating great marketplaces

Let's discover the most important points to have in mind before launching the creation of your marketplace

B2B marketplace

What is the best marketplace payment provider for your B2B marketplace?

B2B Marketplace payment provider. Choose the one that fit your marketplace solution, B2B e-commerce website or e-procurement platform.

B2B marketplace

How to manage a multi-vendor marketplace ?

When you think about multi-vendors marketplaces, you will usually think about Amazon or Ali-baba where several buyers connects with multiple vendors.

B2B marketplace

How to create a marketplace from scratch ?

If you want to create a marketplace, read carefully the following steps about marketplace creation. Most of them are useful and fully recommended.

B2B marketplace

Required features for a marketplace builder

The marketplace website builder you choose for building you marketplace is important because it has to fit your needs and make the set-up simple. We will explain to you below the basic required features for every marketplace builder.

B2B marketplace features

Our white paper on how to create a B2B marketplace

Download our white paper about B2B marketplace creation: challenges, strategy, technical requirements
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