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B2B marketplace

Steps for Successful E-Procurement Platform Adoption

E-procurement platform : Learn the most important steps to make your platform well accepted and used inside your company

B2B marketplace

Amazon Business or Own B2B Platform: What to Choose?

Launching your B2B marketplace? and you are hesitating between selling through Amazon or building your own platform? We give you here some tips !

B2B marketplace

Turning B2B Marketplaces into Business Development Tool

Integrating b2b marketplace in your company could be a great tool for improving the way of work and develop your business

B2B marketplace

Legal Frameworks Regulating B2B Marketplaces

B2B online marketplaces are regulated by certain rules that it is better to know before integrating this new business environment.

B2B marketplace

Amazon: From Online Marketplace to B2B Platform and Leading Cloud Provider

Marketplace solution the most popular and the most diversified on the market. Lets' discover it secrets.

B2B marketplace

What Is E-Procurement Platform and Why You Need One

What do E-procurement platforms mean and how this solution will increase productivity and reduce costs

B2B marketplace

Customer Retention or Customer Acquisition for a B2B Marketplace

Attracting and then retaining customers is a key challenge for any B2B marketplace. We’ll give you some tips to make it happen on your platform

B2B marketplace

Online B2B marketplaces : How to Engage Both Buyers and Sellers

As one of the biggest challenge on your B2B marketplace, we share with your some practices to engage both of your users

B2B marketplace

Which Payment Methods Your B2B Marketplace Can Use

Discover which are the usages of payment on B2B marketplaces and why these systems are leaders.

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Our white paper on how to create a B2B marketplace

Download our white paper about B2B marketplace creation: challenges, strategy, technical requirements
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