What is the best marketplace payment provider for your B2B marketplace?

payment provider marketplace

Once the B2B marketplace software that fits your needs is selected, it would be important to determine which payment provider will be integrated into your project. It has to be a trustful partner because it will manage every monetary exchange in your future B2B marketplace.

Even if most of them will provide the same payment methods (specified below), it is necessary to check  that the specificities of each agree with your marketplace:

  • • Credit and debit cards
  • • Direct debits (BACS and SEPA direct debit)
  • • Direct Transfer (wire, Ibanisation)
  • • Web and mobile payments (Paylib, Ideal,…)

You will find below an overview of 4 of them Uppler is currently working with to show differences between providers you should be aware of.


Designed by an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, the payment provider Mangopay is dedicated to companies that are registered in one of the 31 countries of the European Economic Area.

MangoPay system makes payments and pays out available all around the world. It accepts payments in many currencies such as EUR, GBP, CAD, SEK, NOK, DKK, CHF, ZAR, PLN, USD. Mangopay Payment gateway is safe and secure. It has the 3D Secure feature (“Verified By Visa” and “MasterCard SecureCode”) available on demand and Real-time anti-fraud rules.

It follows every European rules : Payment Card Industry (PCI), Data Security Standard (DSS) and GDPR.

Webhelp Payment Services

 Webhelp payment services is one of the most popular payment providers for marketplaces. It is covering more than 35 countries across Europe and America with a multi-currency approach. Webhelp bets on the performance of its services to offer the best to its customers and participate in their growth.

More than just providing the services, Webhelp will dedicate a tailored team for setting up and training managing payments.

Mercado Pago

Uppler is also working with Mercado Pago for its marketplaces in South America. It offers an adapted technology that addresses the cultural and geographic challenges of managing an e-commerce platform in the following 7 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela. Active since 2003, it provides a secure and trustable way of making online payments.


Basically, Iyzico is a Fintech company with PCI and Turkish banking regulations. Thereafter he diversified to offer a solution for online payment. Only available in Turkey for the moment, we had the possibility to work with them for the set-up of the Renault-Nissan marketplace. Its services provide a payment processing experience for businesses through its bank-integrated and fraud-protected platform.

More than 100 companies in Turkey already chose Iyzico as their marketplace paiement solution.

As you can imagine there are also other payment providers for B2B marketplace solution. As an international actor, the most popular is Stripe. But you can also choose smaller solution as Ayden, Braintree, Klarna, Skrill, Wepay and so on.

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