How to deal with social media in B2B

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses today – While traditional marketing methods are still relevant, a carefully crafted social media campaign can reap untold benefits. Due to the potential amount of users social media can reach, you can send your message out to thousands of people for a relatively small cost. Social Media in B2B is extremely important to create a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with your business partners. But you have to design a true strategy about that.

Understand your customer

Often a business will make social media posts without any consideration for their end customer. This is counterproductive and shows a lack of consideration. Ensure that you take the time to tailor your social media content to suit your customers, and make relevant posts that will appeal to their business. What posts will they find useful? What will they want to hear about? What news can you prevent them with?

Earn your customers respect

B2B businesses that demand respect and coverage will ultimately not earn it. Why should a customer invest time in your business when you haven’t earned it? Creating social media content that makes you appear humble, willing to learn and respectful will be much more effective.

Respond to customer interaction

Interaction is key to a successful B2B social media campaign. If you receive a reply to one of your tweets, take the time to respond! When a customer goes out of their way to interact with you, it is respectful to return that interaction and show you value their contribution.

Offer insight into your business

To create a meaningful relationship with your B2B partners, you should allow them to learn about your business. You want to create a personal relationship that shows a level of transparency to your customers. Make posts about your day to day business operations, and give insightful information to your customers about your staff and environment – This will add meaning and personality to your content.

Provide some form of intrinsic value

Customer will always appreciate social media content that gives them something back. Content that provides them with some form of benefit. With B2b business, this could be a free product sample, or maybe a one-off discount on shipping for example? Ensure the benefit is relevant to your B2B partners and that they in return provide you with some kind of thanks for sharing your post or linking your Facebook page.

Help to promote your customers business

While creating social media content that revolves around your own business is effective. In the B2B world, promoting your partners and retailers is also beneficial. Your partners are the people who will be selling your products, therefore promoting their business should in return promote your own products. On Twitter, for example, you could add their Twitter handle at the bottom of your tweets or retweet their content periodically.

Social media can be a potent tool for boosting your business, especially in the B2B environment. While it may seem easy to simply make regular posts with generic content, tailoring your social media to suit your marketplace and with your B2B partners in mind will give you much better results.

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