Tips to comercialize your marketplace internationnaly

B2B marketplaces are expanded all around the world and its growth will continue the following years. In order to get some new customers it could be usefull to see beyond borders. Here we give you some tips to develop your marketplace business.

  1. 1. Bet on your software and its functionnalities

Before starting going on the international scene, be sure that your product is ready and can adapt its features to new languages, behaves, and demands. 

Then be able to structure clearly your offer to avoid doubts and possible questions and deliver a clear vision of your product. 

In order to help understanding, do not hesitate to create a presentation on which clients can refer. It could  be freely downloadable on your website for helping user understand your offer before contacting you.

You will also need to own a huge knowlegde about all a complementary services of your marketplce solution : be clear about paiement providers and related offers in every countries, and try to have a global view on taxes differences.

  1. 2. Build a team to fight cultural and linguistic differences

In order to trade internationaly, you first need to be an international company or at least appears like it :

The first impression goes throught languages and comprehension of each others. It is more than essential to speak at least English because you will conduct most of the time your discussions and presentations in English. Regarding Spanish markets it could also be a huge advantage to to deal directly in their language.

As you could understand, it could be interesting to build your team with members from different nationalities. This would be great appreciated by your future clients.

More than that, show that you are able to move and will be delighted to get the chance to meet your clients in their own city/country. This good spirit will highlight your motivation and your work devotion.

As you would hopefuly have to move often to meet your prospects, choose a central place for setting up your company . It is not a good idea to stay in the little village near your place of birth. You need a city that most of people can at least localise on a map. If you are working in France (for example), the best place is Paris. You can justify another location if you have a quick and direct access to this international city.

It would be more convenient if you want to conquest the American market. For this one in particular, a place in the United States (a preference for big cities) is highly recommanded. They are more used to deal with Americans about softwares.

Now your company seems to be international, you have to learn rules of trade from all around the world and adapt yourself to make new deals. One example of usage: French like in négociations get the impression to benefit from reductions, whereas Chinese people will disapprove this kind of approach. They would prefer to negociate in silence with only few expression during a dinner with a lot of alcohol.

So well prepare your speech and your attitudeaccording to your interlocutor.

3. And do marketing !

There is no secret ! You need to communicate about your solution. Nowadays the easiest way is to use internet and its large amount of opportunities. Create a webiste is essential for explaining your offer. When it is created, analyze all the possible marketing tools (Google, social networks, blogs, forums,…) at your disposal and build a complete strategie based on indivudual actions and co-creation with partners.

Of course, most of your content should be in English because it remains the most common language all around the world.

Be careful to not ruin your popularity by violating usages and believes in some countries. Usage of some words need to be balanced et some contents avoided.

Building a strong relationships with press can also be usefull because they can help you to build you company notoriety .

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