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B2B e-commerce is a big challenge with huge potential

B2C e-commerce has evolved and created strong habits and practices with it that makes it quite simple. Business-to-business e-commerce is more complex and demanding. Nevertheless, the fact that B2B e-commerce is growing faster than online sales shows to the consumers that it has an enormous potential. Success in B2B online sales is not easy but very rewarding

B2B marketplace

B2B E-Commerce is the near future: 3 Things that Improve the Buying Experience

What is an e-commerce website without users and traffic? Buying experience should be best to retain your customer and reach your selling objectives.

B2B marketplace

What solutions do online B2B marketplaces provide for trade shows?

Facing the covid-crisis, trade shows have to adapt themselves and strat working online. Let's see how this change benefits to this industry

B2B marketplace

Key characteristics for a B2B e-commerce website

Creating a B2B e-commerce website can be a large step for your company. So, before starting building this new website, take care that all the characteristics you need are available. Here is the list of the most essential ones.

B2B marketplace

3 Benefits for B2B marketplace

B2B marketplace: What are the benefits for marketplace owners, sellers and buyers?

B2B marketplace

How to Write Product Descriptions for a B2B Marketplace

Creating a great product offer is important in B2B marketplace, as well as other B2B digital commerce as e-commerce website or e-procurement. We share with you some tips!

B2B marketplace

What is Punch Out and Why You Should Adopt a Punch Out System?

Punch-out is a system that completes e-procurement platform for time-saving and productivity.

B2B marketplace

Which e-business platform is made for you?

3 different types of platforms that Uppler is able to create for you in a very interesting time-to-market. What is best for your business?

B2B marketplace

Expanding Your E-Commerce Site into B2B Marketplace

B2B marketplace could be a good way to continue to develop your B2B e-commerce. It does not request a lot of change and could be a real opprotunity for your business. We explain you why.

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Our white paper on how to create a B2B marketplace

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