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Rungis Market : towards a B2B marketplace

La Semmaris, the Rungis market management company, started in early 2017 a new project: launching the world's largest international marketplace of fresh products. Uppler supports Semmaris in the design and implementation of this online marketplace.

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A brief history of B2B marketplaces : the rise of Alibaba

Following in the footsteps of Alibaba, several marketplaces came into existence. Some of them building on an already solid network of both sellers and buyers, some of them starting from scratch...

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How a variety of early players emerged in the footsteps of Alibaba

After Alibaba, different types of B2B marketplaces tried to capture new markets. The first generation of B2B marketplaces was divided between generalist marketplaces, vertical marketplaces and service marketplaces.

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What shortcomings had the early B2B marketplaces?

The first generation of B2B marketplaces faced several challenges such as the lack of investors and trust issues with the buyers and the sellers. In consequence, a second generation of innovative players decided to build B2B marketplaces focused on one specific market : fashion.

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Which go to market strategies choose for a B2B marketplace?

B2B marketplaces must fit within a large ecosystem of softwares and communication between all the different blocks is crucial to make the marketplace effective. Thus, two main go to market strategies have emerge : the connected approach and the saas-based approach

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What are the technical requirements of a B2B marketplace?

B2B marketplaces are composed of four basic layers : a front office for buyers, a middle office for suppliers, a back office for the operator and a fourth layer including standard B2B softwares. They are built on two models : the all in one solution and the modular solution

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5 key requirements and features of a B2B marketplace

Confidentiality, pricing, transactional features, product navigation, display and industry specific features are part of the key requirements of a B2B marketplace

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8 tips not to feel lost during tradeshows

Trade shows are where products are examined, and where relationships are formed. If you attend a fashion trade show as a retailer, you may leave with a lifelong supplier or customers. However, although these trade shows may be useful, they can also be overwhelming. It can be easy to feel lost during one, so we will be going over some tips to help you feel more prepared.

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Free line sheet template

A line sheet is an essential tool for your B2B sales. If you are not using solutions like Uppler, creating a line sheet from scratch can be pretty painful!This is why we give for free 2 line sheet template (one vertical and one horizontal, depending on your pictures dimensions)

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Why b2b retailers are going into ecommerce

If you are planning on entering the world of business, there are a few important concepts that you should be aware of. B2B is one of these concepts. This is when multiple businesses sell or exchange information about themselves, instead of with customers. B2B retailers have recently started moving towards E-commerce (using the internet for business transactions). What is the cause of this change?

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Launching your online store 101

An online store is a perfect way to gain custom and open your business up to a wider range of potential custom. Creating an online store takes planning and forethought. It should not be a rushed process and you should try and consider every eventuality before revealing your store to the public. Creating an Ecommerce store requires knowing how to create a new and successful marketplace. The pointers listed below will provide a solid basis from which to launch your online store.

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4 tips for a great customer care in B2B

Too many businesses in the B2B environment have poor customer care. They concentrate solely on fantastic supply and cost saving methods at the expense of this. While great supply and low prices is important, providing immaculate customer care is equally as beneficial to a successful B2B relationship. The below are 4 ways in which you can improve your customer care.

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Best ways to optimize its shipping costs

Running a business can be expensive. There are a large number of expenses that must be addressed, including some reoccurring costs. One of these reoccurring expenses is the cost of shipping. This will be applied every time you need to bring an order of supplies in. If brands and retailers can save money on shipping costs, it can help their business become more profitable in the long run.

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How to deal with social media in B2B

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools available to businesses today – While traditional marketing methods are still relevant, a carefully crafted social media campaign can reap untold benefits. Due to the potential amount of users social media can reach, you can send your message out to thousands of people for a relatively small cost. Social Media in B2B is extremely important to create a meaningful and mutually beneficial relationship with your business partners. But you have to design a true strategy about that.

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