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What are the benefits the loyalty programs on B2B e-commerce websites?

The B2B e-commerce market is highly competitive today and loyalty programs are the ideal tool for customer loyalty.

B2B marketplace

How to Build an Effective Social Media Strategy for your B2B e-commerce website?

Any business type is moving some of their marketing budgets to a social media strategy, and for a good reason.

B2B marketplace

Should prices be displayed on B2B e-commerce websites?

As a result of numerous studies, we find that buyers are able to leave more quickly a site that does not indicate the price of its products/services. Business customers often report pricing as the most needed information online but many business-to-business (B2B) sites do not indicate this.

B2B marketplace

Maximize conversion rates on its B2B e-commerce site

For e-commerce sites, conversion rates are among the most crucial measures to measure performance. There are many ways to improve the conversion rates of it B2B e-commerce site without having to break its bank account or reorganize the entire site.

B2B marketplace

Why invest in a B2B e-commerce platform in 2020?

The online shopping trend with just a few clicks, has been extended from the “business to customers” (B2C) model to the “business-to-business” (B2B) model. Businesses are showing increasing interest in ordering and managing all of their online purchases. Discover 8 benefits of developing your business online

B2B marketplace

How can your e-commerce business lessen its environmental impact?

Learn how by implementing sustainability strategies and adequately communicating them to your customers, you can strengthen your e-commerce business’ brand loyalty and drive sales.

B2B marketplace

How to ensure the success of your B2B e-commerce website?

The fierce competition in the B2B landscape rivals with the biggest sports tournaments. Because there is no place for error, a company must constantly adapt to remain relevant.

B2B marketplace

The Unknown World of e-commerce: Tips for B2B Sellers

The digital economy us disrupting the world as we know it. The rise of retail e-commerce between businesses and consumers is upsetting industries. Now, the impact extends beyond Amazon and eBay to reach B2B companies around the world.

B2B marketplace

B2B e-commerce is a big challenge with huge potential

B2C e-commerce has evolved and created strong habits and practices with it that makes it quite simple. Business-to-business e-commerce is more complex and demanding. Nevertheless, the fact that B2B e-commerce is growing faster than online sales shows to the consumers that it has an enormous potential. Success in B2B online sales is not easy but very rewarding

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