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Our technology lets you build B2B e-commerce websites and marketplaces with everything set up for B2B transactions: catalogs, prices, privacy, payment terms…

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B2B marketplace

B2B marketplace engine

Plug-and-play solution to create your own B2B marketplace
  1. A full stack solution, including front-office templates, middle office for vendors and back-office for operator to create your own B2B marketplace, from hosting to design. Build against our API to integrate any third party software.

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B2B marketplace

Example #1: The Rungis market (Food and beverages)

With 7Bn€ in sales per year, the Rungis International Market (France) is the largest physical marketplace in Europe for food and beverages. They have chosen Uppler to digitize their transactions and take the market to the next level

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B2B marketplace

Example #2: The Spanish shoes federation (Fashion)

On their journey to promote Spanish shoes brands across the world, FICE (Federación de Industrias del Calzado Español) has created a B2B platform with Uppler to connect brands with retailers and improve the wholesale ordering process.

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Some of the great B2B marketplaces powered by Uppler

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B2B marketplace features B2B marketplace features

Offer the best customer experience to buyers and suppliers

B2B marketplace features

Price variations

Let suppliers set price variation depending on client types, groups or quantity ordered

B2B marketplace features

Ordering process

Reproduce B2B ordering specificities: quotation, request for proposals, negociation on orders

B2B marketplace features

Social features

Enhance communication with profiles, news feed, shop-in-shop and notifications

B2B marketplace features

Privacy settings

Let suppliers manage their own level of privacy with custom catalog access and price visibility settings

B2B marketplace features

Payment terms

Offer different payment methods (bank wire, direct debit, credit card...) and payment in several installments to your clients

B2B marketplace features

Credit risk

Guarantee all the transactions on the marketplace with dedicated credit insurance from our partners

B2B e-commerce Uppler
B2B ecommerce

B2B e-commerce suite

Digitize your B2B sales with a dedicated website and wholesale software
  1. A comprehensive solution to increase your B2B sales: manage your own B2B e-commerce website, CRM, catalog management, purchase orders generation, line sheets, newsletters and much more...

B2B marketplace

On our blog: Why data is the main challenge for B2B marketing

Data collection is the cornerstone of business-to-business marketing. It provides valuable insight on the actions of your customers and lets you adapt your offer to each of them...

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B2B marketplace features B2B e-commerce features

Make it easy for professionnal buyers to place orders

B2B marketplace features

B2B e-commerce website

Create your own B2B website for your professional clients with private access to your catalog

B2B marketplace features

Custom price list and access

Adapt price lists, currencies and catalog access to each buyer or group of buyers

B2B marketplace features

Catalog management

Create packs of products, quantity discounts, multilingual catalog and synchronize your inventory

B2B marketplace features

Order capture

Generate purchase orders from your account and equip your sales rep with Ipad app to capture orders on the road

B2B marketplace features

Line sheet generation

Create beautiful PDF catalogs from your product list, edit prices and information to display

B2B marketplace features

CRM and newsletters

Gather all your client data in one place and improve your communication with B2B newsletters

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